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Need more practice drawing!

I am willing to draw your character for free! I'm not that good at drawing unfortunately so that won't be that good, but I want to start practicing more vigorously! So I was wondering if you could help me out by linking your characters reference sheets! I will share the art with you obviously, just don't laugh cuz it's not that good lol.


Most powerful dragon human hybrid in the universe
It's good to hear you want to practice! Don't worry, no one here is gonna laugh. The fact that you're going out of your way to draw our character means that we'll like it no matter how it looks.

Anyways, here's my character, Liuxing (protag for my upcoming comic. Basically, he's a furry Bruce Lee):
Whoa he looks amazing!! I will definitely do my best to draw this!! And thank you so much!
Okay, I definitely have enough to practice on for now all! Thank you to all who have helped me so far! I can't wait to work on your sonas!!