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Hiring: ($100+) Need multiple, quality comic artists for Patreon / SubscribeStar Transformation comics


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Please note that we need artists who can complete a comic page drawn from a written script (written in English) within one week's time for the entire run of the comic (generally 12-16 pages).

We also need artists who can do the comic page from rough layout to full color with dialogue, sound effects and word balloons, please.

These comics are for our Patreon and/or SubscribeStar pages, so we will acquire full rights to the pages as a work-for-hire situation and will be labeled as the copyright owner on the pages. Artist will be credited as the artist name the artist requests to use on each page. There will be no royalties paid for these pages, just the payment for the artwork itself.

Payment will be made through PayPal as goods/service, so include in your quote these fees to offset these costs if you do not already do this.

These statements were included as a precursor due to artists in the past requesting more money after the projects began due to not acknowledging them before payments were sent.

Okay, now that that's done, here's what we're looking for:

We host weekly updates of new comic pages of transformation-themed comics on our Patreon and SubscribeStar sites. You can find these linked from our main page at http://www.lycanthropeland.com/ These comics are sometimes atypical (we've run a latex-bodysculpting transformation and a car transformation comic), but most run the more typical of human turns into _____. Our Patreon currently is three new pages per week, usually drawn by three different artists, while SubscribeStar is currently a female-only adult-themed transformation comic page per week. Once comics have completed on these sites, after a couple of weeks to make sure that people can download the pages that they want, they are retired from normal subscribers being able to access these past pages and are then sold on download sites like Kindle and ComiXology at a lower resolution. Artist is still credited as the artist in these downloads and a link to their gallery is generally included.

We have two immediate needs, but more opportunities are always available, so please apply if you can do quality transformation comic work in color and can do a page within one week's time.

Project one: We need to have someone start over on our main comic series that introduces the big baddie character, a woman into a large feral dragon transformation comic. The artist who originally was drawing this stopped communicating a couple of times while the comic was in process, and the last time stopped communicating altogether. Now this comic will have to be restarted with a new artist to ensure that the finished comic has a single artist throughout its 16-page comic. The script is nearly finished for this so there will be no delay for the new artist to get started.

Sample pages from the previous artist to showcase what kind of style would be ideal for this comic:

Project two: We began a comic but have to find a new artist to start over for an homage to the novel The Howling. This one will be an anthropomorphic rabbit couple trying to get away and relax at a cabin in the woods discovers that the town nearby has a dark secret, and the woman bunny gets bit. She will become a feral werewolf over this 12-page comic.

Even if these two projects aren't your cup of tea, there will always be other opportunities for transformation-themed comics for artists to draw. We update at least four times per week so there's a need for quality, fast artists who want constant work to work with us.

The dimensions of the comic pages that we will need are included here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy9vps6zc2czub5/lycanthrope-land-comic-parameters-and-sizes.txt?dl=0

Okay, how to apply:

Please submit a link to your gallery showcasing your sequential art talents (transformation work also a plus), your rate per page given the specifics above, and whether you'd prefer project one, project two or another project altogether. Applications which do not include the gallery link or the rate per page will not be considered.

Hope to hear from you!