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Need Practice drawing


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I am Opening this up again only doing 2 slots this time for time constraints.

I need practice drawing Canine and feline facial structures. If I chose to draw your character I will draw a head shot. You can post the art on your page. Just credit me.

I will chose in batches of 3. Expect a 2-3 day lag time if I choose you.

Some of my previous work.
www.furaffinity.net: Nightshade Face ref by Wolf-Nightshade



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Oh jeez, how far in did you zoom? It's been so long since I submitted the reference that I didn't even notice that I had forgotten to round out the ends of the necklace. Anyway you did pretty good outside of the blockiness of some of the stripes.
To far. I zoomed in way to far.


King Emperor of stealing your girl
Are you able or willing to draw from description? It's for a friend who doesn't have a ref for her Sona yet


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I would be willing. I will not be able to do much until next week as I will not have access to my computer until then though.


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Are you willing to draw a character without a reference image? I created a new character recently and I have no art for her.