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need resin mask cutting help!!!

Flint fox

New Member
im "attempting" to commission a fursuit head for a friend and the resin eyes I custom ordered on the base don't look right. so i'm gonna try chopping off the eye (and eyelid) and putting a follow-me-eye concept in instead. how do I "safely" cut off the eye and eyelid using a [Rockwell] RK2514K2 sonicrafter?


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
That's what I used towards the end of cutting my resin base. 1000X better than using a craft knife with the heat method.

There's not really a safe way to do it, to be honest... there is a high risk of slipping and cutting your fingers like I did. Just make sure you aim it away from your hands and fingers whenever you're using it, and be well aware that it SLIPS LIKE HELL when you start to cut. So make sure you keep a firm hold of the mask while you're doing it, and try to be really careful ESPECIALLY when you apply the tool and take it off.

Also, for me it was one hell of a messy job to cut the eye holes, so I guess denting of the surrounding area can be expected. But I guess that can be filled in with Apoxie sculpt.