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Need some advice for commissioning a fursuit.


The Mad Katter
So I've made my down payment for a suit from morefurless, won't be done until oct 2015 so I have a year to wait. Just wondering if anyone could give some advice artwork wise n'such. I guess what I'm asking is who would you recommend to do some commissioned artwork for a fursuit reference sheet and what not. Also whos a good artist for avatars? My fursona is an "Alice in Wonderland" themed cheshire cat which is why I chose morefurless because they are the only ones who I've seen that can pull off a cute yet serious "toothy" smile on a fursuit.

EDIT: Any other advice for fursuits is greatly welcomed.
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She do a blep
Well, if you want a good toony ref you could go with Dingoroo, MusicofLuie or Orlando Fox, they might be able to pull off the toothy grin you want. As for avatars, pretty much anyone can do those: the three mentioned above, or just poke around on the main site and look for a style you like. Hell, I do icons but I've never drawn a Cheshire before.


Sound Sculptor
I think this thread is mislabeled. You're not asking for advice on commissioning a suit; rather, you're asking for recommendations for ref sheet/avatar artists. In that case, you're probably looking in the wrong forum section.

As for general advice for fursuits, I'd recommend taking a look at the Fursuiting Guide thread, which is sticky'd at the top of this forum section. If you have a specific thing you need help with, feel free to start a new thread to answer that question.


Ask the fursuit makers. Often they have artists they recommend, because they enjoy working with their ref sheets.