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Need some art $5 and up


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I am looking for artists who can draw my characters whether it be sketches or colored, it won't matter.

I have two sets of requirements for this.

1. Able to draw firearms.

2. Roundabout time has to be quick

3. Livestreaming on picarto if possible.

Thank you for your attention.


What are the characters you are interested in getting? Are there any specifics to what you'd like the art of (such as scene or pose?)


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Not really sure what you are after or how much you are looking to spend but I am open for traditional commissions.
Commission Info for Rivercoon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net



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I don't know how to livestream traditional art nor have great firearms references yet, but I'm open for a couple more days and could manage a quick turnaround. Don't have anything else on the plate currently. :p


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I do not have a recent firearms example but I do have a Motorcycle sketch example. Depending on the project I can have it down within 4 hours. Please message me if interested.

Thank you and have a nice day!



Hi there, my commissions are open! I have no recent examples of art including firearms but have drawn them in the past, and I'm confident in my ability to draw anything :)

Anthro examples here: http://vesarts.tumblr.com/tagged/anthro and lots of other examples on that blog as well!

Pricing is as follows!
Portrait / icon with flat colour - 5 USD
Portrait / icon with shading - 10 USD
Bust with flat colour - 20 USD
Bust with shading - 25 USD
Full body with flat colour - 25 USD
Full body with shading - 30 USD

Message me if you're interested, and thanks for your consideration!