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Need some critique for I think I have improved


Bomb Rider
Good day to y'all!

I just finished inking and coloring my new avatar for which I have worked on my head drawing techniques. So I just wanted to know what you thought of it,
and more importantly what is to improve (and I know there is a lot to).
Don't hesitate to express your opinion on the picture even if you find it absolutely horrid, but whatever you say justify it:
I wont improve with pointless insults or blessings but thanks to some constructive criticism.
Anyway enough talking here's the drawing:



The torso look a little distorted. The head is nice but the farthest eye is too small and would go down closer to the nose. I see that you draw the same face in the same angle in your sketches. Try drawing your character's head at differnt angles, 360 including under the chin and bird's eye veiws. This will help you. I think