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Need some help! please

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what is that you're having problems with exactly?

with a question as vague as this, I'll have to advise that you practise real animals and human life drawing first, before you try and mix the two.


Kuryu_shikotsu said:
i need some help in drawing Furries. For some reason i cant draw them right
Agreed with Spider. How are you with drawing RLers? Getting the basic form/bone/muscle structures pinned down first would appear to be a good idea.
(Or is it a problem with /fur/ in particular?)

Quite a few decent general tutorials around, btw, with a focus on aspects more furry-side; e.g.
(+ others via Google search, etc.)

I couldn't find your page (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/Kuryu_shikotsu/ ?), but am sure it wouldn't hurt to post and ask for constructive criticism.

jm-02c, anyhow... Best wishes, persevere and enjoy, even if you're not getting much in the way of feedback. :)

Then, once you've got things better figured-out, come back and tell me how! ;)
(Suspect there's a lot of relatively repetitive work involved... one reason I never got very far myself ^^)

dave hyena

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You can't go wrong with Loomis so I have heard and his works are available free online.

One may start with "Fun with a pencil"

And then move on to "figure drawing for all it's worth".


I personally can recommend getting hold of an anatomy book that shows the skeleton and the muscles, and then copy copy copy copy copy.

This one, "an atlas of anatomy for artists", is cheap and good, I use it a lot myself:


Constructive anatomy is also very useful to help work out how parts of the body might look in certain poses and when performing certain actions et al:


Once one understands the skeleton and particulaly the muscles, one understands what gives people the shape they have and it all starts to fall into place.



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my way

dunno if this would help, but this is my process
basic geometry is needed i guess...i didn't take artclasses but this is what i found to be the most convinient way o.o it's honestly all about your modeling then the scene....i rarely have any set idea of what i want to draw, since this is only a past time thing for me (exceptions when trading, commissioning, or collaborating), i just draw a random stickfigure and make the oddest angle to challenge myself....
dunno if that would help at all, but there you have it i guess....^_^good luck and never stop trying to enter the furry art world....never
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