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Free Art: need some ideas


I have no idea and/or motivation, so throw me one of your characters, preferably of a weird species, with ideas what to do. NSFW and SFW allowed and if you got a request from me in the last 3month or so, that wasn't a marker doodle, please sit this one out.
If I get to you, please comment on the drawing either here or on my FA.
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Depressed Monster
Could you draw this guy, if possible? Not sure if he counts as a "weird" species, but I thought he would be a good idea. I think it should be up to you if it's NSFW or not, I welcome all kinds of art of him. Here's my account if it is.
Thanks for the opportunity
Natrix Reference.png

Maybe him being at a beach at night or something like that? He's a nocturnal creature.
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Hey there!
If you want to, you can draw my Ukkat boy Nil!
You could draw him with a peace sign or just looking wholesome!
Thanks so much! <3
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8 foot fluffbutt
If you’re interested, My main sona is half dire-wolf and half wyvern. Aka, a Wyvolf. Here’s a pic
https://ibb.co/qmy9gQX Art made by aPtP

I was wondering if you could try making a variation of him more demonic.

https://ibb.co/K7bQZvc Here’s an edit I did on the art, making him gain longer horns in addition to a central horn, a longer tail, and a “superpower” cracking the ground. Could you try drawing him in this variation lifting up a boulder or something huge?

Aika the manokit

Adorable fisherman
Hope these help


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