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Need some people to comission me, please :3

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I have a few bills I need to pay by the end of the month, so I really need some extra cash however I can get it. So, I'm coming to ask you generous, wonderful people to please comission me.

My deviantart is http://shinigami-whistle.deviantart.com and my furaffinity is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shinigami-whistle/ so go there to get a look at my art.

As for prices, it depends on complexity, amount of characters, if you want a background or not. Everything is colored and I only do digital medium right now because I"m not confident of traditional coloring yet. If you want something sent to you in the mail I can send the original sketch(es), but I have no way to print out the picture itself at this moment so you'd have to get that done yourself.

Anyway, the only things I can't do are stuff like robotics, heavy machines, really heavy yiff (or even light yiff in some instances, I'm not very good with it yet since I haven't done much of it yet) and I"m not very good at reptiles and equine characters, but I will do my best to try and draw them if that's what you want drawn.

I draw in a more anime-esque simple fur style, so I usually dont' draw muzzles (and if you see me draw one, it's cause it's a side profile shot which I have a little mroe confidence in trying muzzles on)

Anyway, PM me, or note me on da or fa and we can talk our prices and what not.

Please comission me, I'm a college student with a crappy job and bills to pay, yo xD
Not open for further replies.