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Need some practice pieces!


fresh egg :0
EDIT (update?): my tablet bit the dust after the 1st one :l so imma have to get that sorted out before I can move on! Sorry y'all

Hey y'all, I wanna get my hands on some requests to practice different characters and explore some more styles. Both original characters as well as fanart should be chill! Very few examples can be found on my fresh FA acc (sry still a bby)

(If they turn out okay lmao) I would like to post them on FA and use them as example pieces, so you'll have to be okay with that. Obv non-commercial uses by yourself only, credits are appreciated, etc etc. Hope that's not too picky, just wanna cover all my bases :) If something is a lil too much out of my comfort zone rn (aka I attempt it and it just doesn't work), I'll scrap it, but will try to come back around to some concepts once I'm more comfortable w/ all that. No promises tho, since this is all free real estate ;>

Miiiiiight be able to do 1 or 2 tonight, slower during the week.

So- post a character and please tell me what you'd like to see! Specific pose? Style (more realistic anatomy or cartoony/chibi)? Simple background? Interact with an object? Mood/expression? So many options! The world is your oyster and I dont wanna think of the specifics ovo:

(SFW only please)
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I'd love if you could draw a head shot of my character looking sad with a few tears in his eyes.


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Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
Think you could try drawing this guy?
...and another boop
I don't have anything too complicated in mind. no specific pose, just something casual really. Fairly simple, but still semi realistic in style. hoping for something freindly and maybe even... cute? if you can? idk, do what you can with him, i understand he's kind of a weird character to draw.
Is that enough to work with? anything i should clarify?


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I'd love some art of one of these characters:

Laila on Toyhouse
Pose: Something threatening
Emotion: Grim or cruel
Style: Either works, realistic preferred
Sunburst on Toyhouse
Pose: Maybe he's sitting down with his head lowered.
Emotion: Sad
Style: Cartoony
www.furaffinity.net: Olivia the Rabbit by Sunburst_Odell
Pose: How about she's brushing a strand of hair out of her face, averting her gaze?
Emotion: Embarrassed or shy.
Style: Either

Thank you for offering these and also for the consideration!<3


fresh egg :0
I'd love if you could draw a head shot of my character looking sad with a few tears in his eyes.
Here's what I was able to get done before my tablet died on me lmao www.furaffinity.net: Philip's fursona by dangeth

@ everyone else, y'all got some cute stuff! I doubt I'm gonna be able to revive my tablet until tomorrow (if at all), I'll keep y'all updated tho. Sorry to close this party so early :') technology is gr8 I love it when it always works hhhhhhhhh :V


Smudge and arrogant
I’ve got a couple if ya wanna try

Got this cute fella a while back but haven’t gotten anything for him yet, and 0DDD0696-8F92-4F92-8964-DC57968E790D.png

My stoner grizzly chick
942B23C9-504A-42EE-9965-84F3E260AF4F.jpeg 3E89B4FF-B91D-4994-BFC6-1022EB0642EC.jpeg 6F2D0BAC-3177-43D4-A717-FB2FE04BB882.jpeg DCB3B0DD-2B26-495E-ACD0-A3672179DFA5.jpeg C350BDBB-F1EB-4693-83BA-42AEFFBA27EC.png