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Need some ref sheets quick!


I need some reference sheets for my 'sona, Kyra and my brother's 'sona (it's a birthday present). I would like to preferably spend no more than $100 USD total. I would like lots of communication, especially for my brother's fursona, especially seeing as he doesn't know how he wants him to look just yet. I know it's a lot to ask, making a ref sheet for someone who doesn't know what their 'sona looks like yet. He really wants one, but unfortunately has no money to commission and very little confidence in his artistic ability. I personally don't care how long my brother's takes to make, but I would like Kyra done quickly, as I have need for a reference sheet soon. I am willing to work with you if you are willing to work with me.

Sorry for the long post. Comment below with examples and prices please! I will pm you after that!




I'd be interested in working on these references for you, though time-wise I'd be able to start Monday, and if you're happy with how the characters look I could have it finished by next Saturday(possibly sooner). For $50 each, I can make a simple front/back ref sheet with flat colors, and that comes with a set of sketches before I start working on the reference.

Here are some past references I've worked on:

I can also do painted references, but as of right now those would be above your current price range (starting at $90 each for a front/back view):

If you're interested, and that time range is alright, feel free to contact me on FA or through email at VanchaMarl@live.com so we can discuss more details!


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Honestly I have never done a reference sheet before but here are some of my anthro examples c: You didn't specify if they were feral or not.


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Hi! i would do like to do your request! here some example of my art!
In addition, there is a special offer: If you commissioned a design from me, you can get a second free from :iconvalethehowl: just go here-->http://www.furaffinity.net/user/valethehowl/

character profile 15$
: (Simple)
- (Detailed-warning NSFW)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14767923/
Big draw 20$:

little draw 10$:

draw with multiple character 40$ ( 3 or more...):

CHIBI 10$ or more:

For two ref sheets with flat coloring, inked line art, back and front pose + headshot + details (like eyes, paws, ecc) i would ask 60$.

Here some examples of my style and works in digital (the line art style for the reference would be like the first picture).

As for ref sheets references i only have some sketchy ones that i've done for myself, but they should give you an idea.

For every info or if you are intersted feel free to send me PM to my FA account or here! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cespuglia2008/
You'll find more examples of my art too :)


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I see. Coming up with your fursona that fit you is pretty tough. I when thought a lot of ideas to finally settle with my Foxtaur form, so I understand all too well how hard it is to decide. But not to worry, I love to help you and your brother to find a fursona that’s feels right for him. Just send me a PM either here in forms or on my FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kuzooma1/ if you have any questions. If there’s another means of communication then please feel free to say so.

Ref Sheet:



Digital Artist



My Prices start here, but are negotiable depending on the project :)
Projects can be anything you want, but I reserve the right to refuse or counter any offer.

Lineart/sketches $10.00 USD
Full Color Single Subjects Single Color Background $30.00 USD
Single Subject on Clear Background $40.00 USD
Additional Subjects $10.00 USD per Subject
18+ (NSFW, Gore/Horror, Fetish, Nudity, etc.) $50.00 USD
Clear or Complex Background + $10.00 USD
Additional Subjects + $10.00 USD/ Subject
Any other extras can be discussed between us.

Contact me here or at Vi0l33ts@gmail.com Also available via Skype!

I also do custom art for T-shirts and other Merchandise through my Redbubble store!


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Hey there! I'd love to help you out with a ref sheet! Please click HERE to see my commission prices and click HERE to read my Terms of Service (which I kindly require you read if you do choose me)

Here are a few Examples of my work!

If youd like to see more, please visit my GALLERY

Ref sheets start at 85$ for two poses in flat color. Additional poses are 30$ per, expressions are 25$ per, and detail shots (i.e. paws, wings, eyes) are 15$ per. This is all for a flat color commission. The price would change if it were in shaded color :smile:


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I can do a reference like this for $25, feral and anthro for $50 with everything included
Anthro only is $30

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My References vary in pricing depending on what you would like if you were to commission me.
My prices are listed here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16882032/
I have a few examples here as well:

My refs are "Build your own" style so there for you can pick and choose the views, details, close-ups etc and I calculate that based on my commission prices.
For example, if you wanted a three view with a close up of the eyes and mouth, that would be equal to three flat full bodies and a headshot. (48 USD)
I would rely a lot on your communication and a lot of my works can be done within about two weeks


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hello! I do reff sheets like this for 20 USD. (25 if the character is really difficult)

you can add more (headshots, sketches, poses) for an extra fee. I could do your refference fairly quick. It would take maximum a week.
as far as your brothers refference sheet goes, I would work with you to agree on the design with patience :)