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Need someone to draw chibis (Need within the next day)

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So a friend of mine is in the hospital for back surgery, and I wanted to get him a quick chibi picture of a Tonberry (His character/sona) and my Chefmeleon Flint (Chef Charmeleon)

His Tonberry character looks like a normal Tonberry

Chefmeleon is a Charmeleon with a Chef's hat and apron

And in the chibi pic Chefmeleon would have given the Tonberry a cake, but since Tonberry is cutting the cake, when he cuts it the number 9999 appears over the cake (Yay final fantasy jokes)

So I'm looking for someone who would draw a chibi version of this

Feel free to post here, or contact me on MSN/Messenger at domodomo23@live.com, BacentRekkes on skype, or bacentbluetiger on AIM


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I would do this for you if you like. I'll do it for around 8$ or so. Done traditionally, I can have it done possibly by around 6pm tomorrow?


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