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Need tips for making feet paws, please!


I have begun my first attempt at making a pair of feet paws, I know basically what supplies I need (foam, an old pair of shoes, hot glue gun, fur, exacto knife, ect.), and I have already cut out and shaped the foam. I do not want the foam to ruin from walking around outdoors, what sort of material would be durable to put over the bottom of the feet paws, for outdoor use, but NOT make the paws look odd or make me slip if I were walking on tile flooring. I am not really looking to put paw pads on them, because no one is going to see the bottom of my feet, so I'm not entirely worried about those.. however, what could I use if I did decide to put them on?
*note: I am using black fur to cover them.

Also, what can I use to put claws on the toes?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!
-- Madeline