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Art Trade: Need to work on Fursonas! Looking for humans in return[0/2]


Hi! This is my first time posting over here so please bear with me <3

I'm trying to work on getting some fursona art for my portfolio but each time I end up drawing some trying to come up with my own fursona I end up not connecting with them and wind up dropping them after sketching. SO I thought why not offer up a trade so I can get some art done for somebody else and possibly get some cute stuff of my own OCs that I draw to much XD

I was hoping to connect with 2 other artists to do a trade with. Since I'm trying to work on my fursona art I'd prefer that the person wanting to trade with me request a fursona of their own, hopefully with references 'v'

I would be requesting one of my kids(all human) which I would be more than happy to provide more reference art of- (sorry these are all traditional, I've been lazy with digital recently)

My plans for the trade are one for one so if you decided you'd like to do 2 of my kids I'd be happy to draw you 2 of your kids in exchange.



I don't want to go overboard so I am only accepting 2 trades at the moment and might open up more slots after finishing the first 2 <3