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Free Art: Needing Practice


An Undead jerckface
Hello, I've been off the Grid, so to speak, for a long-ass while.
I am a traditional Artist (I work with Pencils, Pens, Markers, Paints and Pastels.)

I'm looking to Sketch out creatures, people, anything really, I need to work on my dynamic poses and learn to better create what someone else has envisioned.

I'm not asking for money, just patience, I'm currently in school, so my Turnaround may take a day or two.

I'm only doing Sketches, unless I feel inspired to go further, or if a person is super happy with the sketch, I can continue it to completion for a small fee (Normally no more than $5 depending on the materials used.)

So, if you've got something interesting (or not so interesting) please leave a reply with a link to any reference materials, or a short Description of the character(s) you'd like to see. I'm Also more than willing to do Art Trades.

Thank you for your time, I hope you have a wonderful day!
Here are a few Examples of my Work from earlier in the month:
New Doc 2019-07-23 08.10.24_8.jpg New Doc 2019-07-23 08.10.24_7.jpg New Doc 2019-07-23 08.10.24_2.jpg
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Lamia girl

*hisssss* hello there
How about a try with a lamia? X3

I have better ones but they NSFW if you prefer to see them i'll be happy to message in private



Thanks for making this offer to the community!

I don't have any feral art of my 'sona. If you decided to, do you think you could take the reference I've attached and come up with a feral sketch of him? Perhaps you could do a still-shot of him mid-run from the side as he is turning? Just a thought.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Mercenary Writer
Here's a character of mine you can draw belly dancing <3


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Diamond Creator

Most powerful Draco warrior
Can you draw my orca/dragon hybrid? I would like to have her standing up with her arms crossed. I would like her to have Universe’s style of wings please. My pfp is what her colors are and they have changed.


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