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Needing some advice!


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Hello, I'm a NSFW artist still living with his parents (19) and I'm kinda having issues.. My mom REALLY likes to tell her friends and fam that I do commissions and constantly tries asking me for where I post my works and if she can see them. It's not just her though, it's some of my family as well. (But mostly mom)

The problem is that she HATES furries, and despises sexual artwork. So if I told her I honestly think she'd hate me. My dad on the other hand is very caring and doesn't get in my business which i'm so grateful for. c:

I guess my question is, what should I do? Or does anyone have any tips. It's gotten to the point where she's getting suspicious of me and it's really wearing me down.

(I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I don't know where else I should've posted this question)


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Do you know what kind of art your mom likes? For example, does she like cute characters? Maybe you could show her a furry cute art you did (or you'd do especially for the occasion). It's difficult to hate a cute little animal drawing even if it's anthro :D
That way she may rethink the whole "I hate furries" thing. But at least do you know why she hates furries?

And if you really want to hide it from her, there are several ways to do it. Creating a "false" SFW account on another site, like deviant-art and just draw a few humans to fill it and add a commission sheet XD That would be kinda over the top. But for example, I never posted NSFW to my D.A. so when she asks me if she can see my art I show that to her. I never mentioned I was doing NSFW art because I don't see why she should know. I'm pretty sure she would react like "okay.... and why are you telling me this?" more than anything, but I just don't wish to tell her ^^


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I totally get this! I’m a 20 year old artist and my mom is always trying to find my art accounts or ask me about them. I usually just avoid the subject (I also draw nsfw), but my friend who is in the same boat as I am created a fake Instagram. He put some art and photos of himself on there as a realistic looking decoy account. You could do the same thing but with non furries and such.
Really sorry to hear your mom isn’t supportive of furries :( I’m hoping that she’ll come around some day for you.


You're in a bit of a pickle situation. It's quite hard for me to comment on as I've always kept my art (SFW/NSFW) away from family or IRL friends.

You could create some non-furry art to show you're open-minded with your art and use that as a bit of a diversion. Whether it'll work or not I have no idea but it's worth a shot. You could always create a secondary account to hide your art under a new alias?