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Hello everyone I am open for another 2 commissions of my Needle point badges!

What are they you ask? Its your character cross stitched onto plastic canvas with a nice soft fleece backing. Its better than paper cause you dont have to worry about easily creasing them and they last quite a while! Please look below in the spoiler for samples of completed ones I have done in the past! (All characters belong to their owners and all have been commissioned in the past)

I am also offering bust digital art as well as digital badges (unable to ship these sorry!)

Price -
Needlepoint badges - $30
Bust digital art - $10 (non shippable)
Badges - $5 (non shippable)

Few things however!
-Paypal only!
-I do offer these out of US but a $5 cost will be added for shipping coming up to $35
-These things usually take me about a week or so to complete since each of them are hand made start to finish

and that is the basic of it! If any questions ask away!

Click here for Needle Point badge Samples! =D

Click here for Digital samples!
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Ont top of the Needlepoint badges I have Im also now offering digital art as well! please take a look at the samples I have placed in the second spoiler! =D Thank you!