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Never Been but Want to


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So I have been to a full blown furry convention before as my state is devoid of any and the "one" con that happens has furries there and I'm not associated with them as up until now I've been lurking in the fandom. I've been to an anime convention before, and a college one run by students, but is there some earth shattering differences between types of cons? My curiousity is getting the better of me as I've seen videos of people goofing around at cons and sharing the hugs.

To keep things brief, What is it like at a Furry Convention?

::Things I expect at cons::
1) A lot of Crap that I really don't need but will proceed to buy
2) A set time when the booze is busted out
3) Lack of Deodorant (Been wanting to make a plague doctor's mask for years)
4) Con crud and post con depression

I'm assuming these are universal but are there others that would be unique to furry conventions? Is my world going to be shook to it's core? Like I said I'm curious