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Free Art: New and looking to practice!


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Hello! Trying to practice drawing different anthros
I’m not very good, so don’t expect much ha ha
Need some inspiration! Every time I start to draw something I’m like ugh

include ideas with your ref if you want!



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I'd be happy to help!

Here's my two characters! There's more art on my FA. Feel free to pick whichever!

I'm not the best at thinking up scenes for them lmao. Stephanie (The Lynx) is more reserved. Maybe a stroll in a snowy forest? Something like that. Iza (The Oncilla) is louder. Maybe somewhere indoors?


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Heyo! Your art looks amazing! Is this still open? Hope I'm not too late because I've got 2 fursona options you could choose from.

This is Aster, a peppy mantis/dragon hybrid with the power to grow small plants {vines, flowers, small trees, etc.} from anything organic {her own body, the dirt, someone else's body [a lot harder to do], etc.}. Get creative with her!:
IL7VDoU (1).png

The other option is Rikka, a troublemaker snow leopard! She loves pranking people and has the power to freeze even the water molecules in the air around her. Her fur is long but fits to her body well except for the neck area. Think of her tail as a really long, floofy body pillow since that's what she uses for warmth when she gets cold. She overheats easily because of the fur so the air around her is usually cold because of her freezing the air to stay cool. Again, be as creative as you want!:
Rikka ref sheet.png


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Thanks for the opportunity! How about my dragon or owl fursonas? (The latter was revealed today, but is still a work in progress)

I can imagine either of them wearing an ao dai (traditional Vietnamese robe).


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Hello, fren! I have a new deer girl that I’d love to see you draw, if you’re interested. If you’d like a scene or a particular expression, you can draw Darby chillin’ with a cup of tea.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!


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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix

You can do any characters of mine if you'd like to. Found above~


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hello! I don't usually ask for requests but here's my fursona franz!
I don't have a specific pose I have in mind, but I would like to see male and female Franz/Francesca interacting with each other being friendly and happy, you have artistic freedom to do what you'd like with my prompt. or to do anything else if that's too much. Thank you in advance :3


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If you could draw my character, I'd be very happy!
The only art I have of her is NSFW, but if you draw her SFW, that's 100% fine! (Please feel free to omit any of her anatomy that discomforts you if you choose to draw her.)

Embrafillowy is meant to be cute, yet motherly, & cartoony (Ex: Pouch has hammerspace.) & ditzy in physiology & behaviour. She's also over 2 meters tall, very physically dense heavy, & strong.
Normal stuff like her being friendly & cute is okay, but so is stuff that shows off her "toon logic", or unintuitive/unexpected strength or mass. Stuff like tilting a couch by sitting on 1 end, pulling a bed bigger than herself out of her pouch, damaging floors by landing on them, seeing stars/birdies when dazed.... If you want to draw her NSFW, that's fine, too!

But ultimately, what you draw of her, & how, if at all is up to you, & any choice of yours about that is fine with me!