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New and Nervous! :,D

Mrs. Sullivan

Shy and Extroverted vuv;
Hey there! Um, I'm VERY new to the furry community as a whole, despite being very interested in it for many years. I'm a huge teratophilic, but my favourite kinds of monster definitely fit in the furry spectrum lol.

My biggest obsession is Sulley - duh - but as far as the community goes, I've always found the artwork (especially the cute stuff) to be really amazing, and the community seems fairly friendly. I have two friends who are furries, but I don't speak with them very often and it's sad. I'd love to make more friends on here, and hope that I can be interesting enough for people to want to chat with me more lol!

As for a little bit about me; I'm 23yo, Canadian, a lady, and I currently work in retail while going to University. Also, despite how poorly written this is - I am a writer. I write a lot of fanfiction and monster/human stuff. I've thought about dabbling into some furry fiction though! I'm also an artist, though not very good lol. I've made a few fursona's in my time but nothings ever stuck for me. If anyone can give advice on how to choose an animal and how to design a fursona please let me know! :)

Anyways, hope that was interesting enough, can't wait to see you guys in the forums!

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
Hey there! Welcome to the community and I hope you have fun.

As for choosing a fursona, no one can tell you what's better or worse, especially when it comes to choosing an animal. There is no one animal that is objectively better.. It's really up to you, whatever you want to see. Best advice I can give objectively is to try to keep it relatively simple. Don't make it look like a splatter painting.


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Hey there, nice of you to drop in!

You could try some online fursona quizzes to get ideas!

See what animals match your personality traits!

Or think about memorable media scenes with animals that have stuck with you!


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Welcome! I hope you have a good time here on the forums!