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New and saying hello (updated)

Water Draco

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A hello to everybody.

I have looked at the fandom in the past but this is my first time venturing on to here.

Very practical minded with varied interests / hobbies that range from science and engineering, photography, art, music, diy, food, riding and pretty much anything else I can turn my hand to, and often at my happiest when I am being creative and learning new things skills.

Presently work with in a creative industry where people expect too much of me and I all too often try to balance too many hats on my head. (Think this is going to have to be my 2018 new year’s resolution to hang some of the hats up)

As for furriness, not sure if it is or not but my creative side has always had an affinity with a spiritual dragon that has always been with me. So shall see.

Well there’s some random stuff for you all to digest and looking forward to some interesting conversations.


The Empress has Returned
Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you ^w^ I hope you enjoy the forums here. We have quite a few things in common, so maybe I'll see you around


Woof? Woof
...Not count the chickens? Mate, have you been drunk at our farm again? I told you to stop with the god damn drinking games with your buddies! You always come over and snag one our hens, wondering why it's still alive and not dead and warm on the plate! And then you kill it, fry it and eat it. With a whole lot of chili and beans.

Welcome to the forum, bro.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Water Draco

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Well it has been almost a year that I have been active on here for, so I thought that I would add a bit more to my introduction.

Well as for furrieness, yer that's a thing and getting far too excited about the idea of making a suit.

My character Draco is filling out bit by bit but is very much a part of myself. Even to the point with the design of my character having elements that pay homage to my past yet also how I approach the future.

Some of the things I have found on the way is that I definitely don't like NSFW furry art. For me it breaks the magic.

For my character to me it seems important that Draco has no reproductive system, biological sex or designated sex. Draco was created through the metamorphosis of the last two burning embers of a precious form.

Similarly I have found that I personally don't engage with NSFW chat, be it dm's or on other platforms. I will use from time to time British bar humour/banter/innuendo but there is a limit.

In January I started going to the LondonFurs meets and I am now a volunteer assisting with the walks that take place (hopefully being of help and not just getting in the way).

Getting plenty of practice with my camera again and I have been uploading some of these pictures to my FA gallery.

It is taking time but I am enjoying re-learning to draw again. It has been something that I have wanted to do from when I lost the ability to draw. And it seems I now have the patience to allow myself the time to do so.

And something very special, I am making great friends with such friendly and supportive individuals and groups.