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New Anthro-Fantasy Novel: The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East


Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
Greetings, one and all. :)

The name's Lucas, but I go by Wulfe Van Der Kross on here, and most other places on the internet in which I've set up a little nook.

I just wanted to pop on here and say that, after being roughly half of my life in the making, my debut anthro-fantasy-adventure novel has finally been published, and is now available on Amazon in both eBook and print-on-demand Paperback forms!
The book is titled The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East, and it follows a cast of characters who are of the Fidons, a race of creatures who, from our perspective, appear as anthropomorphic wolves. They inhabit the world of Fidonhaal ("Home of the Fidons/Home of the Faithful Ones") alongside monsters and benevolent beasts, and powers holy and unholy. Their history is one filled with the deeds of heroes and heroines, villains and villainesses, and of events involving both great magic and power along with sheer resolve, strength, courage, and faith. The events accounted for in this novel are but one small part of Fidonhaal's ongoing saga.

* If you'd like to take a look at some samples of the book, you can read preview chapters, view maps of the world, and check out artwork relating to the story and setting of Fidonhaal at large via my profile page on the main FurAffinity site.

* If you would like to take a look at the novel's press release, you can do so here.

* If you think that this novel would be up your alley, you can check out the book's Amazon page here.

* If you'd like to look up a little bit about me, the "man behind the fursona," you can check out
my author's page on my publisher's website or my author page on Amazon.

* If, perchance, you have a Facebook account and would like to follow the book's/series's page, you can do so by following the link here.

I suppose that will do for now. Thank you all for your time, and I hope you have a good day! :D
Until next time,

This novel, and the concept of the series at large, is intended for mature audiences, as it contains instances of coarse/crude language and remarks, and scenes featuring sexual content, as well as fantasy/medieval combat and related descriptions of violence and gore.


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Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT [NOW CLOSED]: For a limited time, from today, March 18, through Tuesday next week, March 22, the Kindle/eBook format of this novel is being offered for FREE on Amazon!
If you enjoy fantasy AND furry, but have been unsure about delving into this story and its setting (or if this is the first time you've heard of it), now is a great opportunity to look into it freely!
Simply follow this link to get yourself a free eBook copy of the book, and happy reading!
And of course, feel free to refer to the links in the original post if you'd still like to view some samples before getting the book in full.
But remember, this offer is on from 3/18 - 3/22, 2022!

Thank you all for your time! :)
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Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
Hello, everyone! Just wanted to let you all know how things fared with the 3/18-3/22 promotion, as well as a bit of news for how the book is faring overall:

Based on information received from the publisher, it appears that, during the course of the 3/18-3/22 free eBook promotion, the book ranked in at around #47 in free downloads for the fantasy category!

In addition, though there is presently only one *written* review, the book now has 4 global ratings, each one being at 5 stars!

To any and all who partook in the promotion, and/or otherwise helped spread the word about it, thank you so much! You know who you are! :3

And for those now reading the book, whether you got it during the promotion or not, know that, once you've finished it or otherwise feel that you have a decided opinion on it, leaving a review, or even a simple star-rating, will be immensely appreciated. They *REALLY* help in a book's performance, and of course can help the author in feeling out how to do things going forward!

That's all for now! Thank you all so much for your support, and I'll check in with you all next time!


Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
I had bought it for my Kindle last month, but I still need to read it. I'm looking forward to it, though, and it's nice to see your work doing well.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.


Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
Hi everyone! Just thought I’d share a little bit of what I got from the report of the book’s first quarter following publication…

With sales and free promotional downloads combined, The Saga of Fidonhaal: Daughters of the East has reached just over 130 purchases/downloads, including a copy that was bought in Germany, apparently! Furthermore, at the time of this notice, it still has a full 5 star rating. :)

Of course, this is a tiny number in the grand scheme of things, and I’m sure many of those who have gotten the book have yet to finish reading it, and thus have yet to give further feedback about it, if they’ll be inclined to do so. But as a new author with his debut novel having just been published at the end of this past January, I’m pleased with what I’ve seen. It’s a start, and with time and continued effort the number will surely grow.

As of right now, regardless of the exact figures, it means a lot to me to see that more than just a dozen or so people have found my book to be worth looking into. It’s all the sweeter to me to see that those who have provided further feedback thus far have voiced such positive impressions. This book and setting have been a long time in coming, and I’m very happy and grateful for everyone who has supported it.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say for right now. Thank you all again for your support, and be sure to tell your friends, family, and whoever else you know who you think might enjoy this. And of course, if this is the first time you've heard of this and would like to check it out, you can read sample chapters and view maps and setting-related artwork HERE, and perhaps grab a copy someday!

Have a good day! <3

Sincerely, Wulfe


Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
Hey, y'all! Just thought I'd give a little update:
The cover art has been revised, now being more "focused" in my opinion (in hindsight that tabletop just seems weird to have), and with a couple flukes that were previously overlooked now fixed (there was a "ghost" of the pendant's symbol by the center of the marble jewelry piece, and also what I see as a blurry block by the viewer's right-hand side of the pendant).
Might not be "huge" news, but I consider it an improvement and figured I'd post a notice about it here.
And just a reminder, or additional notice for any who haven't yet heard of the book, if you're curious to look into it, you can view several selected chapters from the book, as well as maps and relevant artwork, by checking out my page on the main FA site.
That's all for now. You all have a good day! :D


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Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
Hello again, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here, as I’ve been working with my editor + publisher on making some revisions to the text of “Daughters of the East.”
Thankfully, the new-and-improved Second Edition is now available in both eBook and Paperback form, and to mark the occasion, we’re doing a 5-day giveaway offer for the Kindle version!
From today, Saturday July 30, 2022 through Wednesday August 3, 2022, the Kindle version of The Saga of Fidonhaal: Daughters of the East will be available to download for FREE on Amazon!
I've already posted the link on here, but here it is again for convenience.

And for those who already got the Kindle version…
First of all, thank you very much for the support. :)
Secondly, the revised edition is still available to you, and should either update automatically, or will simply need to be updated manually, depending on how your Amazon settings are configured.

If you haven’t checked this out before, and are looking for a new fantasy-adventure story to read, or know someone who is, now is an excellent time for you and/or them to get it digitally at no cost!
That’s all for now; just know that the window of opportunity is from July 30, 2022 – August 3, 2022.
If a fantasy-adventure story featuring mystical creatures and monsters, epic battles, romance, magic and adventure, all set in a world inhabited by a race of what we would likely describe as “wolf people” sounds like it might be to your liking, then now is a great time to give it a try!
And if you have any friends or family that might also enjoy it, it’s a great opportunity for them to try it as well!

And again, if you'd like to check out some previews from the book before getting it, in addition to the previews available on Amazon, you can click here to view several chapters and appendices-segments on my main-site FurAffinity page.
And if you should read it and enjoy it, know that reviews and ratings on Amazon, GoodReads, etc. will be IMMENSELY appreciated!
Happy reading and good day to you all!

~ Lucas/Wulfe
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Anthro-Fantasy Novelist ("The Saga of Fidonhaal")
While it's viewable on the main site, I thought I'd share this lovely little drawing on here as well, in case some folks who might not otherwise see it there can view it here.
It's a drawing of Ruth Pionaar, one of the main characters/heroines in "Daughters of the East" who is a knight of the Temple of Fidonhaal. A "Templar" or perhaps "Paladin," if you will, to give a basic idea.
The drawing was done by Snowsnow11, who has a really nice gallery of anthro-art commonly featuring medieval/fantasy vibes. While I'd very much like to chat about this image or character, or the book or setting at large, here or from my main-site FA profile/gallery, I also want to take this time to encourage anyone who likes this drawing to drop by Snowsnow's profile as well and support her, too! :)