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Free Art: new artist (free art OPEN)

im new to the community im a traditional artist looking to make the move to digital but not quite ready for it - let me know what you think of my art ill be posting on FA if i refuse a request please accept my decisions dont argue with me or other forum users on my thread. i dont have deadlines for free art so please dont rush me - it'll get done when it gets done - i encourage u to be creative and a bit challenging with ur requests - i take on canon characters or shows and anime - but also OCs mines a female fox i still havent gottten around to drawing her though. and with that this request thread is OPEN


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I have this bean here, maybe her looking irritated as she hugs a pillow or plush?

I also have a more complex main sona, if you want something a bit more challenging!


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Howdy Howdy i got a Cabbit you can draw ^^


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Only image I have of my synth


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sorry about the silence - i asked my bf if i could try digital art - hes a digital artist and he's being hesitant- im still working on ur request in traditional but i wanna try digital too see if its any easier - hope u guys will be patient and thanks in advance for ur understanding