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New artist & furry ♡


Lithria/Lith | artist
Hey y'all! Like many of us I'm super awkward with intros, but I'm here to try my best

I'm not a "new furry" per se, having had my first run-in with furry art in the early 2000s with VCL (now I feel old uWu) and subsequently dipped in and out of the community ever since. Appreciating anthro and animal art is just part of who I am at this point, but I have to admit I struggle with making friends. I'm a little closed off even when I don't want to come across that way, but I'm trying to address that One of my favourite parts of the fur community is the pure wealth of creativity it hosts, legit warms my soul and I'm here for it

I love:
- world mythology (but especially Nordic & Greek)
- medieval art
- high-fantasy designs/worlds
- an abundance of plants
- anything canine (hence the name haha)

I haven't really drawn anything in a couple of years but am taking the time to get back into it - feel free to link me your art work and/or message me too ♡


Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


Commission Slots: OPEN
Hey there, welcome!

I'm a bit of a lurker too, I've existed on the outskirts of the community for a while before I took the plunge and joined up on here last week :)

I enjoy anthro art and I just think it's super neat seeing how different people choose different animals to represent themselves! I love bringing that to life in my art.

I hope you feel welcome here :) If you have the time to get back into drawing I'm sure we'd all love to see.


Beginner Artist
Howdy and welcome!
Your art looks great btw hoping to see more posts soon ^^

Baron Tredegar

Master of Forgotten Lore
Hello, I am new here as well. If you are into medieval art the cynocephali may interest you. Apparently in the middle ages and age of discovery people thought that anthropomorphic dog people lived in Asia. Apparently even Columbus thought he would see them when he was doing his voyages in the Caribbean.