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New Artist Needs Practice

I would like some characters to draw so I can get practice. The characters could be any oc (original character) or character you would like. Please let me know if you would like a picture drawn.

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I'd ask but I'm fairly sure there are others that need it ahead of me, so I won't be taking up any available slots. Good luck with your practice.


Im a foodie-fur not a Vore-fur


Bitches love sticks
Here's my gryphon, thanks!


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I'm always down for free art! :3 Would you be interesting in drawing my vulpine shutterbug?

My fursona is a vulpine photographer named Jamie Foxworthy. Jamie is a skosh under 6 feet tall, has thick, fluffy, scarlet-colored fur, a lovely, voluptuous, hourglass figure, amber-brown eyes, long, curly, vermilion-colored head fur, a large, bushy tail and walks with a digitigrade stance, almost always barefoot. Her face radiates a quiet, innocent beauty. She is intelligent, coy, sarcastic and has a big heart.