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New Artist. New at saying hello


Hey there, My name is Synistar and im a NSFW artist thats been around for about a year now, I just never got around to saying hello to the community yet. I wanted to make something great for everyone with my ideas and style and hope everyone enjoys the work that i do. I know im not the best at it and its been one hell of grind working on everything, i mean my backgrounds still look bleh at best but im hopping that i can sit down with someone that can show me a few tricks or so.

Im rather selft taught artist. i never went to any school or picked up any type of training. i just started to draw and over the year i just got better at it. I always loved to draw but never took it serious enough until the end of last year, like Dec 28th

Well anyway i wanted to take this time to say Hi and i would love to get to know everyone here!

(TL:DR) Im a NSFW artist, didnt say hi, Saying hi now. Plz be my friendo :}


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Well.. HEJ!!! Welcome to the forums! Or something. X3 We are a friendly bunch! Looking forward to seeing your work!


Engineering Wolf
Hello and welcome. I'm trying to draw both NSFW and SFW better but I do more writing than drawing (I write NSFW too).

Figured I'd just say hi.


Engineering Wolf
Hello there! im glad you could stop by and say Hi! And im glad you too are an Artist as well.

Thanks, even if I'm not the best artist ever (like I said, more of a writer tbh). But I'm trying to get better. I like your work.


The Dragon
Looking forward to your work, and nice to meet you.