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(Commission) Selling: New artist offering cartoony SFW portraits/avatar commissions. Starting at £10 ($13)


New Member

Hopefully the picture says it all! Link to the FA upload here for more detailed info.

I'm pretty new here and want to try and do some portraits for people. I specialised in a variety of cartoony styles that sit somewhere between Disney and anime, but I can do more iconographic or chibi stuff too. Provided at decent resolution and I can also offer padding for circle profile pictures (like on Twitter or Discord) or even simple backgrounds etc.

The prices do scale up based on the time it takes - for example the Marilyn Monroe bird took a about 2 hours whereas the cute mouse kid took a lot less! I'd provide a sketch similar to the below for any amends before colouring or line-arting (if appropriate).


I've given myself 10 slots so I can make sure I can get them all done before Christmas. Note me on FA or let me know here if you'd like to get one made!

Let me know if anything is missing here, I'm quite new to all this!