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New band you discover you instantly love?!


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I just discovered "Against me!" and I love it! They're a punk rock sort of band. Now, I've vaguely heard the name before but Ive never discovered it until now :0 I guess they reached the spotlight now more than ever because in addition to being a good band, the lead singer is a transgender woman, and that puts them in the spotlight and on the radar for LGBT crowds who want representation so I guess that's why I discovered them when I did.

The lead singer herself is a wonderful person who had to overcome adversity in a lot of her youth. As a big step in her life, having to come out even at the late age of 31 was a challenge and even after solidifying herself in the band beforehand, but she came out better for it. Even though being transgender is a major aspect of herself, she still considers herself a singer and continues to make music as she always had.

Two coffins, I was a teenage anarchist, and true trans soul rebel are probably a few good ones I like so far :3

Aside from against me, Volbeat has a new song called "black rose" I'm hyped to listen to

Rise against- the violence


So that aside did you discover any new gems lately?


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Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffity. Discovered it sort of by accident, but damn, it's like nothing I've heard before. There are many nostalgia-induced projects, and, well, vaporwave is a thing, but this is one of the only bands that actually sound like something from the 80s, with inventive use of outdated instruments and some fantastic lo-fi mastering. And really, "nostalgia factor" isn't the only thing they're going for - tracks are actually quite energetic, catchy and well-composed, and I've caught myself many times involuntarily listening to some of them on repeat.

Also, The Samps is a quite cool project too. Combine Flying Lotus and Avalanches in your head, and add some synth flavor to it, and you'll get this little neat thingie. Very hypnotic and catchy, makes me want to open up FL Studio and mash some cool stuff up myself .u.

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I only just recently discovered Labyrinth Ear (though they have been around for quite a while). If you're into stuff like Young Ejecta or Austra, it should be right up your alley. It's certainly not going to tickle everyones fancy however.



Didn't discover them recently, but mystery skullz won me over. Not sure if it was just the animation in the music video or just me finding the songs catchy, but I listened and loved them instantly.


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Grumbling Fur. Imagine, if you will, a modern answer to Brian Eno's song-oriented albums, touched with more modern musical innovations like acid house, and you'll have a decent idea of what they're about.

Incidentally, one of the odder ways I've discovered a particularly obscure band was through use of one of their songs as bumper card music for Youtuber whose work I enjoy—which led me to Spirit Spine, a now defunct but very intriguing little synth-rock project.

And then there are the endless numbers of more extreme bands I've found blog-trawling...

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I actually got to see against me last year
They were opening up , along with Dave hause, for punk rock legends bad religion on the "Vox Populi Tour"
Great live performance from all of the bands at that show
There's a few bands I can answer your question with though

Fair To Midland (broken up)
I heard them once on Sirius XM years ago and I was instantly hooked
Completely unique sound from a Texas prog rock band
Inter. Funda. Stifle. Is an excellent album

Les Claypool is an amazing bassist, check these guys out if your into a more bizarre funky sound
Sailing the seas of cheese and pork soda are great albums

folk metal, I can't understand a lick of Finnish but that doesn't stop me from enjoying their sound


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Missiovevo is awesome, my aunt introduced my to their music when I was visiting her a couple weeks ago. Their song KDV is awesome. Langue warning though!


just recently got DOWNNNN with Marianas Trench, it's a canadian pop-rock band