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New, But a Bit Nervous

Hi, I'm Tableside, and I'm kind of nervous being here. I would consider myself a furry, but I never met another furry. I made this account in hopes of making a new friend.
Yeah, I play a lot of video games, I do some oragami, listen to music, and go on furaffinity to see pictures.


absolutely disgusting
Welcome to FAF.
We don't bite. Do keep in mind that unnecessary posts (aka "facebooking") annoys the crap out of us.
Not saying that this one is, this post is fine. Just a first and foremost kind of thing. c:
Okay, this is already making me feel better. I guess i don't have to be nervous about this.


That White Guy
Not one bit, its just a forum where we all go to see and partake in discussion, nothing crazy though there is drama and furries love their drama. Remember that :V means sarcasm and that most people here are pretty sane for this fandom. Have fun and don't drink and post is my only advice.


The IdaFur
Don't be nervous we are all normal people who share a hobby :D
Welcome to the humble forums!


Sorry, have to repeat the corny line "We don't bite" (lawl) Don't be nervous. Just think about your posts before you make them and you'll get along fine.

Plenty of friend fodder here :)


Hey there and welcome to the site!
Could I interest you in a cup of tea? C: