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new crop circle


The Monster Under Your Bed

This intricate Crop Circle was deciphered by another group, than the Jellyfish Circle - they too have come to a conclusion of a solar storm impacting the Earth on July 7th 2009 from this crop circle.

This thread is in conjunction with the Jellyfish Crop Circle thread here: www.abovetopsecret.com...

The link to the website of the group who deciphered the crop circle is here: www.earthfiles.com...

The first night it showed up, it looked like this:

Then after the next night it looked like this: It was added on to.

Then a few nights later it was added on to once again:

Besides being Gorgeous - it seems to have a powerful message in it, which is showing the degrees of where each planet is etc. Well, guess what date, all those planets positioned where they are comes out to be? Yep.... July 7th 2009.

How did they get to that conclusion?

“As shown in the explanatory diagram below, Part I of Milk Hill on June 21, clearly looked like a ‘sextant,’ which has long been used to measure the ‘altitude’ or height above the horizon of various astronomical objects in Earth’s sky.”

“It also showed a second underlying symbolism for Earth and Moon where planet Earth was drawn with a ‘teardrop’ shape, while our Moon was drawn with a standard ‘dumbbell’ shape first noted in the early 1990s. That teardrop shape is the usual scientific symbol for a CME, or coronal mass ejection from our Sun.

Then when it was added on to on the 22nd, they came up with this conclusion.

The second addition to Milk Hill on June 22, also seemed to show astronomical symbolism. The Australian scientist concluded that the second addition closely resembles an “orrery,” which is a traditional mechanical device used to illustrate planetary motions.

most people today do not know about Ptolemy’s geocentric model for our solar system, and that is why we have shown it below:

“Along the top, that Milk Hill crop picture then shows six of seven planetary symbols 1-2-3-4-5-6 (when including the outermost curved line), so as to match six rectangular ‘boxes’ that were drawn immediately below. Clearly those boxes have some connection to Ptolemy’s astronomical objects 1-2-3-4-5-6, but what could their relation be?”

Here is where it starts getting more interesting and how everything starts being pulled together for the conclusion of a solar storm on July 7th 2009.


This below part goes with the picture above, explaining the degrees and so on of the rectangles.

Any box with one stripe means “negative altitude” (below the horizon), while any box with two
stripes means “positive altitude” (above the horizon). Our best date of July 6, 2009, produces
altitudes above or below the local horizon as Moon = - 64 degrees (not visible);
Mercury = + 62 degrees; Sun = + 61 degrees; Venus = + 42 degrees; Mars = + 39 degrees;
or Saturn = + 22 degrees. Planet Jupiter at - 39 degrees is not visible, so is not shown.
On nearby dates, say July 5 or 8, 2009, the negative altitude for our Moon does not
exceed high positive elevations of + 62 or + 61degrees for Mercury or the Sun as required.

“The answer to this apparently difficult problem is actually quite simple: What is the true purpose of a sextant, as shown at Milk Hill one day earlier? Well, a sextant tells how high in the sky any bright astronomical object might be at a given time of observation, in units of 0 degrees to 90 degrees, relative to the local horizon. In astronomical language, those heights in the sky are called ‘altitudes.’

“Could each of those six rectangular boxes be telling us relative altitudes for Ptolemy’s six astronomical objects 1-2-3-4-5-6 at some calendar date in the near future?

So these people took apart the crop circle by looking at the degrees and placements of the planets in the circle, besides the scientific sign of a CME at the center of the crop circle. Here is how they completely came to the conclusion of a solar storm impacting the Earth on July 6/7th 2009.

“With that idea in mind, we used an astronomical almanac to calculate altitudes for the Sun, Moon and five bright planets over a wide range of dates during the summer of 2009. Then we compared those calculated values with the relative heights of six boxes shown in Part II of Milk Hill. The hourly time of observation clearly has to be close to 1200 UT, since one arm of that crop formation sextant is aligned south to north, parallel to the crop tramlines, while our Sun lies due south at noon in southern England.

“Our best theoretical matches to the crop formation boxes were for upcoming dates of July 6 or 7, 2009. Why would those crop artists go to all the trouble of showing us sextant and orrery shapes, then coding that orrery with six rectangular boxes which mean July 6 or 7, 2009, unless something significant were going to happen at that time?

Now how does the CME come into the whole concept of the Earth being impacted that day?

“At early stages in the ejection process, any Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) on the sun can acquire a teardrop shape, such as that drawn for planet Earth in the Milk Hill sextant marked with a blue asterisk. At late stages in the ejection process, any CME might evolve into a spherical shape, such as that drawn next to the crop formation intelligence's “Sun” symbol marked with a red asterisk.

“If Milk Hill Part II is really telling us about a CME (and not a comet), then that may be why the crop artists omitted 5 = Mars and 7 = Saturn from their curved orbital paths, while including 1-2-3-4-6. On July 6 or 7, both Mars and Saturn will lie angularly offset from the other four planets and our Moon, when viewed in terms of a possible directional CME ejection by our Sun.

“For the past two years, our Sun has been abnormally quiet between solar cycles 23 and 24. Within the past month however, it has become more active. What if anything might happen shortly?

So in complete conclusion here is what they say:

“Based on previous examples from 2004 or early 2009, we can be pretty sure that the crop formation intelligence's use of a teardrop symbol does represent a coronal mass ejection (CME) from our Sun. Why then would they have drawn planet Earth in the form of a large teardrop on June 21, unless several CMEs will impact upon Earth soon?

“We can see on the left of that new crop picture a round circle for our Sun, which seems to be emitting five CMEs along curved paths through space that eventually intersect with planet Earth at the red asterisk.

Seeing that this crop circle was deciphered by another group other than the person who deciphered the Jellyfish crop circle and they have come to the same conclusion from this crop circle as the message of the Jellyfish crop circle. Don't you think someone is trying to get a message to us?

Also, it will be interesting to hear within the next few days, if the govt. and utility companies might have some "testing" being done where either govt. facilities need to shut down for a few hours and the same with electric companies. In my opinion, people within the govt. know these crop circles are messages and they would have people decipher them from the inside. They would then know something is going to possibly happen in less than a weeks time in the form of a solar flare/storm/CME. I like to watch all areas and read between the lines, especially from the governments.

So, there you have it, Another crop circle deciphered to say the Earth will be impacted on the 7th of July by a solar storm.
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Still not at 10k posts
A crop circle telling us about a solar storm... Well, somebody could have made it without problem, and there's nothing unnatural about solar storms. I fail to see the problem.
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my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
Solar storm?!?


Oh my, and I'm unshaved.

And of course aliens use our old geocentric solar system model :V

They're implying we're dumb. furpersecution! This is war.


Still not at 10k posts
They're implying we're dumb. furpersecution! This is war.

I haven't even read it whole. It's about a solar storm, not aliens. Even less baffling :V
If any being was advanced enough to predict the exact point of impact and date of solar storms, I doubt they'd warn us about them with crop circles.


TTY July 8.


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
But damn, that crop circle is beautiful...


People did it.

You wanna know how I can tell?

It uses the human scientific model. :/


Small Dragon
Solar storms will only affect electronics, if there was an advanced race out there that could predict such things why would they not contact us directly, and why would they warn us about things that don't actually have any affect on us (solar storms)?


Wow, human made or not they are some amazingg crop circles. Oh abovetop secret, i forgot about that website, it's pretty awesome


The Monster Under Your Bed
Wow, human made or not they are some amazing crop circles. Oh abovetop secret, i forgot about that website, it's pretty awesome

i had forgotten about them until i got a link to this in an email this morning. too bad i don't have a larger pic that circle.


I am legion, for we are many.
It's amazing how they make thos circles, I wonder how they (those humans) do it.
Oh, before you go "maybe aliens made..." screenshot or it didn't happen... Or in this case, photo's.


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
Guys, this means the internet will be down!



The Bucket of Truth
lol. Nerds with way too much time.
Oh, another thing I just noticed is, even if they were perfectly aware of these crop circles since their very beginning (thus the stages pictures), nobody bothered to watch the area to see who or what would come to make more.


Hang on it looks more like instructions to make a lazer gun.

More important is why has there been no coverage of this crop circle on TV as any crop circle makes headlines and alwayz appear on tv even if for a few secs.


The Monster Under Your Bed
Hang on it looks more like instructions to make a lazer gun.

More important is why has there been no coverage of this crop circle on TV as any crop circle makes headlines and alwayz appear on tv even if for a few secs.



I like the fact that these aliens obviously lack the technology to do this in one night, so they have to keep coming back and adding to it.

Traveling faster than light? Piece of piss.
Making crop circles? Goddamn that's some badass science right there.