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New discord server made, seeking members


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Feel like you need a buddy? Can’t seem to know where to start? Getting an itch to do some RP with somebody? Well I have a place for you to satisfy that. I present to you Furryville, a place where everyone can talk about their day, engage in conversation and RP to their heart’s content.

We’ve got rooms for the squeaky clean and the naughty; something for everyone to enjoy. We have plenty of RP rooms to play in, and a little town for you to feel like your characters are at home, safe and sound from the elements.

We have a place to advertise and show off your artwork, share some tips among yourselves for the tech savvy, talk about games, and be awe struck by cute pictures of your family friendly pets and animals.

There’s a catch to enjoy such a pretty place, we run checks on your IRL age. What this essentially means is that we have a SFW and a NSFW channel, separated from each other, so that somebody who is squeaky clean doesn't end up in the wrong place, think of their innocence. I’m just an advertiser of the channel, but I’ll tell you something about the age verification thing; just send in a picture of your driver's license or anything with your birthday on that is still valid, blur out your name and send it over to the admins of the channel.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can send a PM to me and I’ll provide you an invite link to it. See you there


How you doing


How you doing
Bumped again


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Ehh... Cole, Cole, Cole... not too bad but I think you need lesson ir two in marketing