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New face, looking to get back into weird art and find some internet friends

Well, as the title says. New face, mostly just looking to get back into art (or at least be around it again) and possibly make some friends along the way.

I don't *art* nearly as much as I used to, nor as I'd like to, but maybe the right crowd of folks can motivate me to do it more often. I spend most of my spare time alone (by choice) or with my long term partner and our strange pets. I work in a sorrowful field and find that I prefer to distance myself from people when I'm not at work. In other words, there is only so much emotional energy I can give, and I'm terrible at balancing that between work and play (but I love what I do and wouldn't do it any other way). That being said, I need people, and perhaps the distance of internet people is the proper balance for me. But bear in mind that I am liable to fall off the radar without warning, and return just as abruptly. It is both the nature of my field and a habit of who I am. I guess you could say that I've made my career such a fundamental part of my identity that it can be consuming at times, and I am exploring the possibility of separating that with a bit of anonymity on the internet. Not that I have anything to hide, I just think I could benefit from somewhere to rest myself, if that makes sense.

I am waiting on the mailman to deliver pokemanz shield... I am geeking out about that (I grew up playing Red, so this is gonna be wild). I love memes, hearing others' problems and life goals, brainstorming, and telling stories. I am new to discord as well, and might share that if FA seems like a good community for me (and maybe my nintendo ID when I figure that out?!?! :D). Below is some of my art, and an OLD OC of mine.

Thanks for taking the time to read!



It's Spooky Month!
Your art and character are really cool!! You should definitely make more art.
Welcome by the way!