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New Foxcoon to Forums

Fat Foxcoon

The Fat Foxcoon
um, hi. Im not much of a forum fur but I lurk around now and then. I stink at drawing and I try 3d things. I have some DA accounts. I also have a You tube channel and Live Journal well as host a radio show from 7-9pm central time on the net.

Uh,. I dunno what else to put so thanks for looking and heres hoping fa gets those new servers!

Fat Foxcoon

The Fat Foxcoon
Welcome to the FA forums FFC, enjoy yourself. *looks through belongings and hands you a steak*

oo a steak! *gobbles it up in one gulp* quite lovely thank you. I am thrilled to be here =}

Hey fatty, you are fat!

heh yep. Fat and quite proud of it. Most of my charicters lare large or have some pudge. but some are rather sleek and muscular. I also happen to run the Fat Anthro Club on DA so I do love fat =}

Persia: Welcome to the forums Foxcoon-san =3 *gives a welcome hug*

*hugs back* Domo Arigato. It's a pleasure to be around.

Hi there, welcome to the forums^^

Greeting Gulimon =} Interesting Sig you have there 2 out of the 3 pics I have seen just today.


I want to personlyt thank y'all for stopin by and saying hi! I didn't mention I also write short storys and some times I wriite a song. on;y written 3 but it's a start =}
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welcome to the forums!

Fat Foxcoon

The Fat Foxcoon
Hello. Welcome to the forums! Have a cookie!

Ooo why thank you. *eats cookie* I love your icon. I saw it last night and I clasify it as an pic I can't forget (wich is good)
Gotta love raptors. they are the only nba team I like =}

welcome to the forums!

Thank you, I will be lurking around here and there =}

Hi and welcome to the forums... have a free hug *hugs*

ooo fox! *hugs really tight* thanks for the hug =}

Welcome! You will enjoy your stay ^^ (And don't eat me D

Thank you, I am sure I will enjoy it around here. Dun Worry I rarely eat others =} well unless it's a full moon =}

Fat Foxcoon

The Fat Foxcoon
Wow, your avatar is boobalicious

hahaha Why thank you. You Certenly are a nice Blue Eyed Devil with that complament. Vikie has always been rather gifted. thats the wy she was created. I meen with dna and stuff =}

Hi there, welcome to the FA Forums *hands you a FA map* hope you have a great time around

Hello there. A devil Fallowed by an angel, how amusing is that? Thanks for the map I will greatly look after it and stuff.

Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
Salutations, Fat Foxcoon, and welcome to the FA forums. :) Feel free to leave me a PM at any time if you ever need help with anything, or if you just want to have a nice chat. :) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)