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New friends Chat :3

I'm just here looking to make new friends :3 I'm Lady nice to meet yall!
22 female and I'm a Glammorice, a species of my own design. So to sum it all up I often get confused for a lioness or a dragon :3 so that's what I look like :3 anyways please come feel free to chat with me and make friends with others too :3


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Hello! I'd like to see more of your species or your fursona, if you don't mind.


Definitely not a lizard
You seem indeed to have created an interesting species, I'd like to see more of it too :3
It is super cute <3! This is like if he had a crush, I guess. (So Secretive)

Anyways, what is a Glammorice? (Didn't bother to check XD)

Also, Ill be playing wii for a bit :)
Lol a Glammorice is a feline/ reptilian species :3 she's what my sona is :3 I guess people can just call her a lion dragon xD but it's a species I've been developing since I made her so itll be a long while until they are completed :3 but for now there's I believe 6 around :3
Lel, thanks for the follow, btw!
(Also, its actually a Asian Small-Clawed Otter, not just an Otter XD. Ive been looking to Rp with him, but Rping is hard, because no one wants to do it :( )
Ring is hard in general these days, everyone just expects the bad stuff outta it. Like there isn't good rping stuff worth reading :mad:
I know, everyone things that every RP is utterly NSFW. Not every rp, or person is like that. Some people enjoy NSFW (I personally don't like it, because... you know, I'm going to spare you the details...), and some people just want to have a safe, SFW, RP.
Well I don't like it because you can tell who a person is very quickly. I like to spread the butter evenly ya know xD

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