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Art Trade: New fur looking for art trades


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Hi I'm looking to get art of my fursona so I'll be doing art trades! Dont draw her unless I accept your character because some characters I cant draw. Please post examples as well. The art below of my fursona is the only example I have atm. Doing fullbody for fullbody and headshot for headshot.

Description: A short, fit kitsune with 5 tails. She has light pink fur and slightly darker hair that touches the ground. Her chest and stomach are white as well as the tips of her fingers, toes, and tails. Her outfits include athletic shorts and sports bra, or an oversized hoodie with stockings. She has dangly golden piercings in her ears as well as gold/diamond studs. Always wears a heart shaped locket with a picture of her deceased mother.

Personality: She is rather distant and oftentimes found staring into space. She is very shy and passive and looked at as a pushover. She will let people walk all over her if it means avoiding conflict. She works as a food server, where she wears roller skates to serve customers. When she warms up to someone she is sweet and loyal. She puts others before herself. She does tend to cling to whoever she looks at as a friend and oftentimes ends up getting hurt by them.

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The "Shy" Dragon

nervous dragon or smth
I wish I could trade, but....
but I'm sorry I don't know how I feel right now. Yeah... uh....
Here's my character: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37083671/

And some SFW examples of my art:

I'd love to trade! Shoot me a note on FA if you're interested ^^