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New fur looking for help


sea doggo
Hey all! ^-^

My name's Abby, and I'm a 16 year old Canadian girl who's completely new to this fandom, but also a longtime admirer. Lemme explain myself lmao

So uh... basically, ever since I was a little kid, I've always been an animal lover (how generic, I know lol). I was your average edgy wolf lover, I loved The Lion King, I was obsessed with Princess Mononoke... y'know, all standard procedure. Around age 9-10, before I even knew what a furry was, I was walking through our local Michaels with my grandparent's and saw your generic "how to draw furries" book. My mind just kinda went !!!!!!!!! and even though I had no idea what I was looking at, I immediately knew I needed that book in my life ASAP.

So, like the desperate child I was, I asked for it for my Christmas, still completely unaware of the fandom, or the stigma that came with it (I still can't help but laugh every time I think of my poor poppy stumbling up to the counter and buying a "how to draw furries" book as a 70 smth year old man). I spent hours drawing furries with that book, and my love for it grew. Not long after, I remember flipping through some Guinness World Records book (as a 10 year child does) and stumbled across a picture of a large group of furries. The moment I realized I could dress up as these animals I was drawing, I was absolutely ecstatic!

Okay yeah but long story short, I quickly discovered that furries were uh... not the most liked group, and especially once I started junior high, I decided it would be best to keep my interest in it to myself. A lot of things have happened in my teen years (as they do). Lots of drama, cringy phases, and girlfriends later, here I am: a grade 11 high school student. I just got out of a relationship with a very incredible girl, but... let's just say she had some very strong opinions on furries among many other things that I decided were best kept hidden.

But fuck it! She left me, so instead of being sad, I decided to do something with myself. This is something I've always been interested in, and even if I don't know enough about it, you guys seem really accepting and I'd really like to be a part of your community.

Lmao did you actually read all that? Kudos if you did, cause it's a lot longer than I intended ngl. So yeah... any tips on how to enter this clusterfuck of a community?


yes this is dog
I'm brand new too, in the same sort of situation as you. I'm afraid I can't help you with tips, but I can tell you that people here are mostly very nice and all the negative shit that you hear is just people who don't like other people having fun and being happy.

Liam The Red

"Dad" Fox
Well, Hello and welcome Abby! (Yes, I read all that :p ) Yes, we tend to be rather accepting. That doesn't necessarily mean you won't get an opinion or two.
What would you like to know?
Look around, read lots. talk to people, have fun, learn things. . . .and when you're ready . . .jump in.
Most of us are pretty nice people and will be happy to help if asked.
I usually suggest you look around at the various fun "ice-breaker" games, such as "Compliment the person above you" types of threads. Fun way to meet knew people.
When all else fails, find someone you've seen around that sounds like a nice person and ask.


The token panda
You can always talk to me, I rock :p lol just kidding


Well-Known Member
Welcome! We're glad to have you here. Yes, we read the whole post, LOL. Dont be embarrassed, you're among furry friends now. This is the most accepting and nonjudgemental group of people that I've had the pleasure to (virtually) be around.

Explore, ask questions, reach out and learn more about the crazy wonderful world of furries. The adventure has just begun...



I'm a gentle beast. Do not fear.
Sorry about your break-up... I too have recently left a relationship, but I'll spare the details.
I too am somewhat new (however, I'm 27 and have been closeted), and trying to make new friends in this community.


You're already in it. Welcome to the cult.

But seriously you can consider yourself part of the community simply by being a furry. Connecting with other furs helps a lot but isn't necessarily required to be one of us.