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New Furry Artist Open for Fullbody Commissions


New Member
hey there everyone! i've had a deviantart for a while, but i only drew feral warrior cats and over the years it really felt like i was stagnant and i started to lose my passion for creating art. recently, a few friends of mine who are furries have commissioned me for some art and it's been really, really fun! i feel super inspired with art again, and am in need of some cash for Christmas, so i figured i'd open myself up on here for commissions.

i just made this furaffinity account, and i'd love to start it off with some commissioned pieces so i can show people my potential and continue to get better. if you are interested in any of these options, please let me know! everything will be shaded and full colored.
i can do canine, feline, and dragon species fairly easily, and i will consider other species too!

all payment must be in paypal, and you must credit me (storielle) if you upload the art yourself on a website like toyhouse or dA stash.
i do refuse the right to not take a certain commission if i'm not comfortable with my ability to do it/what you're asking. but i am fairly flexible and can do a lot of things!
when you commission me, i will send you a sketch once we've agreed on what you're wanting. after i send the sketch preview, you must pay me the full price in paypal. after payment i will finish your commission. this is to avoid myself or yourself from getting scammed.

edit: i was so excited to post i forgot to leave a form! if you're interested in commissioning me, please fill this out in a dm or in comments below:

character reference:
tell me a bit about your character's personality:
would you like a specific pose?:
any extras?