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New Furry

if you belive that we are nuts then you need to become either [size=xx-large]ONE OF USE[/size] or a patient at an insane asylum...

you know! paded walls, straight jacket, daily doses of heave medication!!!
the last time i was truly crazy was at the age of 4... i found how to open the pantry. i ate over half of the 1 poundSugar bag!!!


Formal when angry
Saint Jimmy said:
the last time i was truly crazy was at the age of 4... i found how to open the pantry. i ate over half of the  1 poundSugar bag!!!

the above is still on a sugar high years later :D
to tell you the truth... *pulls out bag of Artfical Sweetener and rips open*
I'm off sugar. that stuff will make you sick! *procedes to chug sweetener*
*gargles* What???

oh-Shi*runs to river, drinks alot, then vomits*


Formal when angry
pffft you wuss. It's not like you got shot by 2 tranq darts. speaking of which, am I an astral projection? I better go check on myself before I die..
thats true but if i eat too much salt it will later turn my urine into an acidic soup... and it really is hard to find toilets big enough for me!!!
why me??? right now i am trying to keep you death certificate From saying [size=x-large]"Cause of death: Choked on his own TONGUE"[/size]
Hey what was this thread about anyway???

Renton Whitetail

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Hi, Ty! :D It's nice to see you on here, since I know you and I are good friends. ^_^


Welcome to the FA forums, Ty. ^^ Hope you'll enjoy your stay with us and be sure to get yourself some cuddles. *cuddles and nuzzles the new fur.* Hehe...much like that.


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Spirit Wolf said:
TyVulpine said:
Y'all are nuts....

come join us in the >chat in general< thread and you'll see some real insanity. tranq darts, flying frozen pizzas, angry dragons, pokes, hugs, pie, and more!

Wait...tranq darts? As long as I will be released back to the wild afterward!


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My favorite book is Watership Down (The movie is the very first movie I can ever remember seeing).

Satto is currently drawing an avy of Ty, and hopefully I'll be able to use it for my avy.

"Watership Down" was tour fist movie seen? Damn, talk about starting out raw and horrifying! I mean, I like the book&movie, but damn it's hardcore.