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New Here! Where my art friends at? :3


Mushroom with a Pen
New to the forum & FA, would love to connect with other artists and make some new friends. :3
This pen name is mainly for NSFW work, just a heads up.

I love things like horror, comics, games, taking care of pets... I have a lot of those! I'm nonbinary, any pronouns are good with me. My job is in design, I've been working in the field for over 10 years.

This is the kind of stuff I draw... without going too far into NSFW:
Muntjac Thief
Shark Reference Sheet
Pick a Potion! [Mild NSFW]

Always have troubles with intros! Ask away if you're curious about anything :3


Commission Slots: OPEN
Hey there! Fellow artist here :)

I'm also new to the site and looking to get into the art community here! Hope to see you around!