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The Oft Mispronounced
I... have no avatar. As can easily be seen. Soo, since I'm not exactly artistically inclined, is there anybody out there willing to draw me one?

I'm a panthox, with black fur and a red undercoat and a muzzle between fox and cat. Longer than a cat's, but broader than a fox's. My ears are similarly melded: cupped more like a cat's, but large like foxes'. The insides have the red fur of my undercoat. I have one upper fang on each side poking down over my lower lip. Black hair, just shy of shoulder-length, and either straight or wavy. My eyes are slightly large proportionally speaking, slit pupils from the fox side, and have shards of color ranging from blue to violet red, centering on indigo-purple.

Thanks in advance to whoever wants to do this for me! :3