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new in town


trash kitten
hey! i'm howl. i've been a fur for [looks at watch] two hours

i designed a 'sona named silica (she's in my av!) but other than her physical design, i have no idea how to make a personality for her. how similar should your 'sona be to yourself? and what's the exact difference between a 'sona and just a regular character? i've been lurking on the outskirts of furry for a few years and there are some gaps in my knowledge, hah

other than that i'm really excited to be here! hi guys!


A-veri Rood Roo
As close as you want it to be. Some people make it based on what they want to be like. Sonas are what you use to represent yourself.


Late Healer Ferret
I usually make sonas pretty close to myself...and as I work with them they slip into their own thing and I make a new one