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New iPad (with pen support)


Commission Artist

I was wondering if someone here has been on the hot potato and bought the new iPad that has the apple pen support and has tried it.

I'm curious from the view of an artist, graphic's designer and software dev as I read that iOS now has a Swift playground.

A review, biased or not would be lovely to hear!


Commission Artist
Just ordered it, people say it has a small lag while drawing and screen isn't laminated, unlike Pro version, but still its pretty good
I didn't know the pro came laminated, rather the opposite where people said to get a textured screen protector for it as it's too slippery to draw on glass. The lag I hadn't heard of so that would be interesting to hear what you have to say about when you get yours :3


Dreaming Hobbyist
I ended up buying the 128gb version of the new iPad and it’s been a pleasant way of easing into the digital art scene. I honestly don’t get the issue with the display being non-laminated. If you aren’t actively comparing it to or using it next to an iPad Pro, then it really isn’t worth getting into a tizzy over. I use a matte screen protector since the Apple Pencil glides way too easily over the bare screen for my taste. The extra tooth from the screen protector was a blessing.

I mostly bought the tablet because it was in my price range and had pencil support. The RAM may not be the highest but I have yet to experience lag while having multiple apps going (same goes for browsing with tons of tabs open in safari). Even while using it in split screen mode I haven’t noticed any hiccups or lagwhile drawing. Procreate, Concepts, and Adobe Sketch work just fine. From a traditional artist POV, I’d say my tablet was worth the investment. It may not have the processing power of the Pro models, but it gets the job done all the same.

The main downside (for me at least), is that the broadcasting feature in Procreate doesn’t seem to want to work for streaming on YouTube and Periscope. Hopefully it’s something that gets fixed one day, and hopefully my wall of text was helpful in some way.


Commission Artist
I ended up buying the 128gb 2018 iPad myself a few days after posting the original post. with the pen and I have to say it's very impressive for the price. I have yet to get used to laminated screens and the pen is very precise so I have no issue with the gap what so ever. It is a little slippery so I understand why a lot of people get a screen protector to get a better grip, but it has yet to bother me enough to be arsed to care. I haven't tried the broadcast feature yet, I didn't even know it existed, but I have bought Procreate and it's well worth its money (can kinda follow my progress in my request thread here forums.furaffinity.net: Request: - Open! Looking for practice ).

If you're not used to the high quality Wacom screen tablets you will probably enjoy this tablet as a very high quality tool. I actually like the size of it as I'm already used to sketching on a5 sketchbooks.