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New macro/micro discord!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Hey! I made a new micro/macro server on discord! It's got roleplay, chat, bots, art, gaming, react roles, private rooms, verification, sfw and nsfw, and more. It is fairly new but there's already thirteen people! So come on in and join to help increase that number!!!
Welcome, to the size-i-verse!
Link: Join the size-i-verse. Discord Server!
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Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
And you don't *have* to like macro micro. It isn't a requirement on joining, but of course there will be some, you just don't have to participate if you don't want to~ you can still hang out and make some friends!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Yup. Micro is tiny characters, macro is giants. Normals can be there too but just be aware that lotsa people there would be into giants, tiny, shrinking, growing, etc.

Leah Nekonohige

New Member
Oof, I think I'll pass... Personally don't really like that idea...
I'm not saying that is bad, please don't get me wrong.

GL with your server though =^v^=