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New map for furries


Eternally Confused Feline
I've joined! I'm not really wanting to meet anyone IRL but I'm a massive geography nerd lmao

I'm amazed there's one other furry in my town, just on the other side of the valley.

There's three in my region overall. The other one is due east about an hour.


Eternally Confused Feline
There's also a guy right next to my old high school in Lancashire with a suspiciously familiar username.


I knew a James B there. He was a tall dude, like 6'6. He wasn't born in 1992 though so who knows

He doesn't seem to have an FA :/

Marrow Ink

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Will be really useful, maybe I'll finally meet someone, but the time will show...

Stray Cat Terry

6 North Koreans while there are 0 South Koreans.... What? XP


I'll poke your butt.
I set my profile up. Same username on there.


Birb Fanatic

How TF are there furries in Antarctica??? o_O

Stray Cat Terry

Now there are 10 Noth Koreans, they are multiplying! Also I counted 5 really cool furries in the Arctic Ocean and 19 even cooler ones in the Antarctic region.

According to my humble knowledge as their bretheren(S.K), I highly doubt most of them, if not all, are just joking. XP

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How TF are there furries in Antarctica??? o_O

Perhaps the researchers/expedition teams living there are, or they have been conquered and changed... or something else! >w<


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Looks like it's down at the moment?