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New map for furries

Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
Will be really useful, maybe I'll finally meet someone, but the time will show...

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
6 North Koreans while there are 0 South Koreans.... What? XP


Impulsive? Impulsive.
I set my profile up. Same username on there.


Birb Fanatic

How TF are there furries in Antarctica??? o_O

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Now there are 10 Noth Koreans, they are multiplying! Also I counted 5 really cool furries in the Arctic Ocean and 19 even cooler ones in the Antarctic region.

According to my humble knowledge as their bretheren(S.K), I highly doubt most of them, if not all, are just joking. XP

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How TF are there furries in Antarctica??? o_O

Perhaps the researchers/expedition teams living there are, or they have been conquered and changed... or something else! >w<


Cygnus, Snickers, & Pogo
Looks like it's down at the moment?