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New member and artist with question about the tracing/copying policy


New Member
Hi. So, I've recently been getting into furry art and was planning to upload some stuff to help get feedback on it since all my art knowledge is self taught and certainly isn't anthro focused... but I'm unsure if some of it actually falls within the acceptable use policy and was hoping someone with more experience here could clarify. So for the painting in question I found a photograph and traced the basic shapes for the anatomy, then put it on my second monitor as visual reference for light/shadow to paint the characters, freestyling it more or less for the animal attributes but sticking to the source for like... limbs and collarbone location and whatnot. If I attribute the original photograph as explain that method explicitly in the image description is that against site rules?


I can't give any insight as to the websites views on such practices but that is a pretty standard way to do a study as an artist and certainly does not break any art ethical rules in my opinion.