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(New) New Furry Server on Discord!

Brejvarr Ulfhedne

Viking Berserker
Noice! I'd like to join too.


Smart batto!
(What's with age restriction though? )
Hmm, maybe I could join too? :3

Kezi Avdiivka

Active Member
..........you named your chatroom "The Bunghole?" O____o?


The token panda
Lol is this a toned down version of fuzzy bar??


Well-Known Member
I hope you have some more space on your discord for me?


Writer & Hugger
Hey, fellas~! I'm the admin of a brand-new, 18+ furry server on Discord known as "The Fuzzy Muzzle Cafe", built up using the lessons learnt from my old, defunct server, "The Bunghole". It's a very silly and fun server, and a serious and supportive one when you need it to be. Anyway, if you're interested in joining, please send me a DM or maybe my friend, ClinkertheLion, and either of us will give you an invite. :)
Heya! I love to join and hang out. I'm generally chatty, looking for fun, light-hearted conversations and the such! I recently got an account on Discord for a Sona RP World so I'd like to start joining more servers to have more people to hang out with! I'm at Takkin#6304 if it's still up and going and you'll have me! I mean, you don't have to have me... but but but \^_^/