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Request: New Open Species in need of art!

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Hey!! I have recently created a new open species, named the Val'hyrk. They are primordial dragons that exist in the Abyssal Plains, and are fully furred, with no wings, and no third lung. I have the description for their first member and will gladly send the full species info upon request!

Ku'zaln is a 6'8 tall Val'hyrk that weighs around 180 pounds, and has a DD cup bust. She is very fit, and is also rather thick on the thighs, yet quite muscular. She has a dark grey coat, with a bright blue underbelly, white stripes lining it horizontally. She has light red hair, kept in a top knot bun, with a part to the left accented by black, curly tips. It is shoulder length and curls inward. She also has pure black eyes, with a light red iris.


4-tailed kitsune
Good luck!


Well-Known Member
If you're making this an open species, I'd suggest posting the full description somewhere suitable and public or people won't find out about it. You could then just put a link in the thread to this page. (Maybe start a Wiki on Fandom or somewhere similar?)