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New ref sheet

Dread Husky

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No, no, i'm not changing my species again. But Dread just doesn't feel...dreaddy enough the way she is. So i'm giving in to the call of the barghest! In other words I want a new husky fursona that is completely black.

Already picked out the shades:

Bad attempt at how I want the paw pads but you get the point right?

Her nose, gums, tongue, inner mouth, pawpads, claws, and skin will all be the darkest black. And I want her eyes completely white as in like this, NO pupils or anything. No 'hair' either. And a straight tail like huskies actually have.

Build: Same as always, about 150 lbs or so with a few extra pounds around her stomach, hips, and thighs, 38D cup breasts and plantigrade legs. Oh and five fingers, four toes.

I'm looking for at least a 1-2 view (evil expressions) with color dots, pawpad closeups of her hand and feet paws, and a shot of her mouth showing teeth/gums/tongue/inner mouth. Since she has no overly complicated markings or anything i'm not looking to pay like $100+ so please post prices, examples (especially of canines), and turnaround time (how long it generally takes you to complete something). Anything else you guys need?
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Today, I'm doing a special offer. Free!

Turnaround time is negligable because I already done it:

She's in a dark room.


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Hey there! Remember me? C:
As much as I liked Dread Husky's old design, this new design sounds pretty awesome.

I'd be more than happy to work with you again, if you're interested. If not, haha, I completely understand.

I charge $50 for a fully shaded reference sheet, or $35 for basic flat colors.
The basic reference sheet includes:

  • 3 turnaround views (front, side, back)
  • A few head-shots (various expressions)
  • Additional details (color palette, paw pads, etc)
  • Any desired text/information.
This should cover everything you mentioned in your original post.

Feel free to take a look at my thread for more information, and of course you can always stop by my gallery for more examples of my work.

Let me know if you're interested!

- Eske


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Here is a selection of my reference sheets: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/76601-Character-sheet-commissions
What you're looking for should be $30. Since it doesn't sound like she wears any clothes, you could probably swap out the back view shot for more closeups.
Turnaround should be no more than two weeks.

Samples of canine sheets:
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I'd be more than happy to do your ref sheet! You pick a price that you think is fair :3 (I'm having a "name your own price" special.) Unfortunately, I don't have a ref sheet example yet, but I am currently working on one of my fursona. I can do front shots, back shots, sides, heads and busts. Examples of everything on its own can be found in my gallery. :)

Canine Examples:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4175711/ NSFW
More Examples

Edit: I finished my ref sheet. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4208015/
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I start my refs at $25 for a 2 body view (front and Back)
and the more detail makes them go up to $35




I start off making a pencil sketch of the front view and detail shots, then i put them into Photoshop and ink and color them there, along with drawing out eh back view using the front as a base.
It usally only takes me a week or two if i just sit down and work straight on it (i have ADD so I work on more then one thing at a time).
If it is going to be longer then that I always give updates and WIP shots :D
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Just a heads up I'm leaving to go camping on the 28th of July, but will be back on the 8th of August :D
so please don't let that be a bother if ya go with me ><



Heres a quick doodle to show you what i'm capable of, i'd love to create your ref sheet and work with you in the future :)

my price for ref sheet is 75 and my turn around time is 3 days to a week. :)


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Hey there, I can do a 2 view ref sheet of your character (front and back) for $20, note me on FA if you're interested :3


I draw canines well and I'd be happy to draw a reference for you :)
Examples of my work:

Since this is a detailed reference and I'd be working off a description, I'd charge between $17-$20 for this depending on what sort of shading you want. $17 would be with basic cell-shading.

This would take me from 1-3 weeks. However, if you need it by a certain date I will get it done by then.

I take paypal or snailmail and I could really use the money right now because I'm getting books for college.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested, I'd really like to do this for you <3


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http://www.furaffinity.net/user/raptorbane Here's my FA, I could probably do a reference sheet like this with 2 full bodies and some headshots for $70. Text is free and I could add anything you want, of course :D Turnaround time would be 4-7 days depending. I could even livestream it so you could pick and choose what you want to see happen to it as it's being made :3


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If still interested after all the offers, and if you like it traditional, I'm very interested.
Apologies for lack of actual finished works in my gallery, but hopefully you get the idea of how I draw. I can vary in styles a bit, too save for chibies (which I doubt you are looking here) and "manga" style.
Price...varies a lot depending how big paper you want and what form of colouring. My journal has some guidelines for that though.